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Northside Day 4 - The People


Northside Festival came to a close today, and instead of talking about the music, the free booze, or the massive hangover I had this morning, I want to talk about what made it all worthwhile: the people. Most of you were awesome to meet; some were kinda shitty, but all of you were necessary to the overall experience we had. Shows are shows, but festivals! Festivals are all about the people you meet and the experiences you share. And in the past few days, we shared more than experiences; we made memories, although they are at times foggy and uncertain. 

One of the first people I bumped into this year was my girl Lindsay Sandwald, who performs as Idgy Dean. A one woman act, Lindsay played at our CMJ showcase shitshow back in October, opening for Idiot Glee. Diciest show ever. Aside from hanging out with her and making a few more friends along the way, we also caught her Sunday night at the infamous Trash Bar, home of the pre-show hour open bar, and tater tots. Alas, the tater tot machine died recently, and those are no longer on the house, but were they ever that compelling to begin with?

We met a bunch of you at shows too. Some of you gave us weed; others were far less useful. We talked shit about the venue, bonded over common musical interests, danced to heavy beats, and had a great time in the process. To the fellow photographers we met in press areas and photo pits – your shit is wack! Kidding. Good job buddy.

Perhaps the koolest kats we met all week were those of you getting your Whisky and Pork on at the friendly neighborhood Jameson Black Barrel Lounge. You were all a little cagey at first, but just as seedlings are nurtured by ample sun and rich soil, so too do people open up in the presence of alcohol. Lots, and lots of hard alcohol. 

We watched a dude dismantle, reconstruct, and burn a god damn whisky barrel. 

You served free drinks to festival goers all week.

Some of you were in bands.

Some of you were extremely photogenic.

Many of you were extremely drunk.

Without you guys, this festival wouldn’t have been the same. For better or worse, our experience was unique, shaped by all the freaks and fiends that came out to party with us. We never expected to meet the coolest, the brightest, the richest or poorest; we sought only good company and the best of people. If only we had gotten what we hoped for.

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