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Northside Festival Day 3 - "The Lost Weekend"


I am not really sure how I spent Northside day 3, but I am pretty sure it involved drinking lots of Jameson, cheebahawking dank, and eventually dancing my ass off. It’s what I did in between that confuses me. Luckily this is a photo and video blog, so there is forensic evidence of all the things I don’t remember doing. As you can tell, this is a top notch publication and our work ethic is second to none.

Each year on the Saturday of Northside, Bedford Ave is partially shut down for some shit called “Williamsburg Walks”. Part arts and crafts fair, part street fair, it gives us New Yorkers an excuse to leave the house, walk around, and comment “Well would ya look at that?”. It seems to me that they could have filled up street with more activities, since after 2 blocks, it seemed kind of half assed, with just a couple chairs and tables in an otherwise empty street. If Big Ass Lens ran this event, there would have been mad activities, such as “shoot the freak”, sweaty t-shirt contest, and build-a-bear workshop.

After our awesome Northside showcase last year at Matchless, it was time again to return to the scene of the crime and crack on how poor the other showcases are in comparison. I have a real soft spot in my heart for Matchless, where there’s always a good crowd, ridiculously tasty mac and cheese, and quality brew. Plus, walking to Matchless means walking through McCarren Park on a sunny summer day, and I think we can all agree that the sights are truly a beauty to behold. I also managed to catch a band play (amazing right?). I think they’re called Gold Streets, and they are pictured below.


With no real plan in sight, we meandered our way back to Williamsburg, checking Brooklyn Bowl (which was empty at the time), before settling back at the default spot, aka Jameson Black Barrel Lounge. We spent an ungodly amount of time there again, drinking up on free libations, chatting up the crowd, and generally being the boys. After forgetting everyone’s names multiple times, smoking several packs of cigarettes, and cheebahawking from a French dude I ID’ed from across the way, we got word of a sweet dance party going on at Glasslands, aka The Williamsburg Sweat Lodge. I am still not sure if they have air conditioning yet.


The time was well past midnight and the Jamo shots had gone to our heads a bit, so rolling up to the industrial deadzone on Kent Ave we immediately assumed the line was for Glasslands. Didn’t even bother to check where we were going. Before I knew it, we were in another sort of muggy sweat box, 285 Kent, for what was to be one helluva dance party. I am pretty sure this was Prefix Mag’s showcase with Shlohmo, Kingdom, and Hot Sugar, but I honestly can’t be sure. “It’s not that I’m unprofessional, it’s called gonzo journalism, yo”.

Foggy glasses obscuring my field of vision, I stumbled into the sweat lodge, 300 dripping and dancing people jostling around, practically humping each other. Time to switch to sunglasses. Shlohmo practically brought down the haus, changing and mixing tunes every 2 minutes to so to keep the momentum going. I knew it was over once he threw on Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” (Mad Decent/Jeffrees), a hugely bassy track with a dope drop that, true to its name, makes the bitches shake those booties. Since I was too busy jumping around to take any photos from Sclohmo's set, this pic from Kingdom's set beforehand will have to do.

“Fuckin crushed it bro!”-Some bro wearing red sunglasses and a tank top.

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