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Grass is Green - Live at the BAL Showcase

As you all know, BAL can shoot a diesel video, but did you know that we put on a mean concert as well? For proof, look no further than these sweet videos taken from our last BAL Showcase at Northside Festival. Fresh of their new EP Chibimoon, Grass is Green blew into New York from their Boston home to play an explosive, raucous, and sometimes quirky set reminiscent of old school Built to Spill and the now-defunct cult favorite Burning Airlines. We liked them so much in fact, we decided to book them again for our next show, co-hosted with Exploding in Sound, which takes place this Friday at Cameo Gallery. They play with three other deliciously deafening acts: our boys Grandfather, Pile (fresh off a new 7” released today), and Me You Us Them. Don’t be foolish. RSVP here on Facebook.

Link: Grass is Green bandcamp

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