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Madam Trashy - Live at the BAL Showcase

I know some of ya’ll slept on the BAL Northside Showcase. What’s a matter with you? I know I know, the L Train was fucked that day. Maybe you were too beat from the Guided by Voices show in McCarren Park. Yeah it was a balls ass day - so balls in fact, I made Paul run to Duane Reade for some Gold Bond. Or maybe you just figured, “Hey, BAL will post the video anyway, so what am I really missing?” If this last thought occurred to you, then you were only half right. Yeah sure, the videos slay - such is the minimum expectation from The Lens. But look at what you missed: a multi-sensory experience, ears that don’t stop ringing for weeks, a night of joyous boozing with the boys from BAL, and most of all - a supremely tight performance by Willy’s own Madam Trashy.

Between Brian Murphy's thicker-than-blood basslines, Jake Bloomfield-Misrach's swirling, psychedelic jams, and Garth MacAleavey's crushing drum kit, you'd be hard pressed to find a band with the ease of performance, tinnitus-inducing loudness, yet striking simplicity as Madam Trashy. They are as catchy as they are punishing; kaleidoscopic as they are cleanly in step; and as flashy as they are humble. We really dug these guys and hope you'll give them a look, check out their bandcamp, and buy their record (available on bandcamp for $name-your-own-price). Madam Trashy is also playing a free show, this Saturday (August 13th) at Spike Hill in Williamsburg if you're around.

After seeing these videos, you’d be an idiot to skip on our next showcase presentation. Lucky for you, we’ll be doing more soon. Enjoy the videos and keep checking back, as we got tons more in the pipeline. You heard?

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