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Videos and pics from Dirty Projectors in Williamsburg

Words by Paul

Camera by BAL

Sunday rolled around like any other Sunday – late ass sleeping, monster hangover and a definite need to cop a Gatorade. The last thing on the minds of the BAL crew was lugging our monster gear thru the scorching weather. After all, it was clear from moment one that on this Sunday a man could get muggy. And yet we just couldn’t resist when we noticed Jelly NYC was throwing another free waterfront show in Williamsburg as they will be doing for the remainder of the summer. The prospect of free music, “accessible” beer (more on this later) and braless hipsters was simply too much to turn down. After missing Mission Of Burma the previous week, we decided to head out to check out the Dirty Projectors show.

Arriving at the heron valley of North 9th St. and Kent Avenue it was pretty clear that as usual, free events rarely have their shit together. A diesel ass line stretched around the block, but as any regular schemer knows – lines are for pussies. After all, this line was solely for those looking to drink; and as certain as I knew that beer was going to be a part of my near future, I figured there had to be a way of getting around waiting for a bracelet. Sure enough, upon walking around the inside of the park a bit, there were random volunteers checking IDs and handing out the necessary bracelets, thus defeating the purpose of the OD line.

We walked in right as Crystal Antlers (replacing White Denim for the day) were setting up getting ready to unleash whatever it is they ended up unleashing. Some inoffensive combination of spazzed out surf guitar meets California punk that was offset by an absurd steel drum player/unofficial mascot who did as much twirling, dancing and unamplified shouting as he did random island-infused bashing. No clue why this dude was in the band.

Up next was Magnolia Electric Co. Don’t remember much of their set as it was spent in prison like confines of the beer and food region. Like all convoluted concert set-ups, this waterfront arrangement prevented you from doing convenient things, like freely carrying your beer outside of a cramped, roped off area. Great use of the open spaces of industrial/gentrified Willy! Service was spot on as two super cut hipster chicks in cut off shorts served beer and sang a jingle. Big ups!

Having copped some much needed beer and quality grub (Fette Sau hooked up the sausage), we then threw mad ‘bows and copped the snaps and video shown here. Overall the Dirty Projectors’ set was overwhelmingly tight and fluid and all band members held down the knotty, intricate and maze-like music. On record, DP’s artsy, on-the-page qualities can be a bit disorienting and distancing, but in a live setting the volcanically loose guitar lines of Dave Longsreth and the supple, energetic harmonies of his troupe of slammin’ ass singers bring the songs to life. Oh and did I mention that the ladies of this band are slammin’? Serious bonus points here – fly honies who can sing... things that make you go hmmmm...


Camera: BAL

Boom Mic operator: Paul

Sound Engineer: Silvadough

Special thanks to Dan Dickson

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i can totally hear Paul saying this, creepy

August 29, 2009 | Unregistered Commentermary

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