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Awesome photos of AC/DC @ Giants Stadium



Gotta admit that the last time i listened to an AC/DC album was way back in high school. Yup, it’s been a hot minute. So when an opportunity came up to shoot them at their Giants Stadium show last friday, I jumped at  the chance. Not only had I not rocked out to the sounds of AC/DC is years, but other questions lingered. Damn son, how old are these guys? (Answer: Brian Johnson is 62) Will they be playing any new music? How the hell am I going to get my camera into such a big venue?

The last of these questions turned out to be a non-issue, and as you can see from the amazing photos from show, I was given unprecedented access, and was allowed me to get up close and personal with Brian Johnson and his chilling, somewhat fragile looking bandmate Angus Young.

Make no mistake about is though, Youngin’ tore it up, especially at the end with a 10-odd minute encore solo.  This was a highly energetic, hard-rockin show, and it was clear that the crowd was mad souped to be witness to this spectacle of pure entertainment. I mean, I can’t remember the last time I saw a show that featured fireballs. I think I may have singed a nose hair or two.

Given all the “indie” shows I go to, its definitely refreshing to see an old school class act like AC/DC. Granted, most of the stuff we cover at BAL is hardly as lively and attention grabbing, but a lot of indie acts are so focused on their music that they forget about stage presence and engagement with the audience. Which isn’t always a bad thing.

These guys rocked out hardest in the 70s and 80s, and still haven’t skipped a beat. I still see them touring for at least a few more years even though they are getting pretty old. Some of them are in their 60s, so it was very striking at first to see so much vitality in such grown men. I very quickly got over this and enjoyed the rest of a thrilling show. Enjoy these exclusive photos, I think they speak for themselves.

To inquire about using these or any of the hundreds of photos taken at this show, please e-mail us.

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    BIG ASS LENS - Live Music - Home - Awesome photos of AC/DC @ Giants Stadium
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    BIG ASS LENS - Live Music - Home - Awesome photos of AC/DC @ Giants Stadium
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    BIG ASS LENS - Live Music - Home - Awesome photos of AC/DC @ Giants Stadium
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    BIG ASS LENS - Live Music - Home - Awesome photos of AC/DC @ Giants Stadium

Reader Comments (1)

Hi y'all. Until a few moments ago I was a BAL virgin... But no more. (Thanks, I dig your mad-balls-tripping-et al rhetoric and visuals! From AC/DC to K. Vile.... Well done.

2 thoughts ( actually a comment and a suggestion): Lovely ACDC pix - would have loved to hear mo about how you got so close and got the access... These obviously were not all taken during the standard "first 2 songs only" drill. BUT - you gots no snaps of the true leader of ACDC - the architect and lynchpin of their sound: big brother Malcolm Young. Plus, he's so scary looking...

Suggestion: On the pages where you reference gigs - ala "Kurt Vile @ Cake", please add the dates for said gigs. (Sometimes on the interweb, one is looking at photos/videos/commentary and it is not immediately clear what year (etc.) is being covered..)

Thnx so much, MusicBoyDD

November 1, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterdd

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