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More from Northside - The Dodos, Bill Callahan


Day four of Northside Festival, the last and final day. Hot as balls son. My boy Heineken throwing us mad free beer. The two noteworthy shows of this day were The Dodos at Studio B and Bill Callahan at Music Hall. Let's start with the Dodos.

These guys sound pretty good on the album, but every time I have seen them live they sound average at best. Way too much percussion every time, killing my eardrums with a jarring noise that won't go away. But in the interest of covering one of the more popular acts of this festival, and to get some cool photos, I went. I mean, they also had free Heineken at Studio B for like 3 hours so I wasn't going to miss this one. Imagine my disappointment when I found out it would only be free Heineken LIGHT. And as we all know Heineken Light does not pack the same punch as regular Heinken and therefore I refuse it outright.

So anyhow, The Dodos played another underwhelming show, again on account of the OD on percussion levels. You could barely hear him sing. Now, good thing for all of you, I have put together some video of the show with some decent audio that I recorded separately. I am just waiting to regain some hearing so that I can properly process it and make it sound decent.

No such problems at the Bill Callahan show. In fact my in-camera audio sounds decent enough to pass. We can clearly do better though, so the video from Bill Callahan will have some really great audio from one of the best sounding venues in the city.

Bill Callahan is another guy that is great to photograph, as his face contains so much detail and emotion. Check this one out:

Bill Callahan

I had taken another one just a second after, with a slightly different facial expression. I ended up choosing the first one for the fat grin he is rocking. A better pic, in my opinion.


Some more photos of Bill Callahan and his band:

Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan's band

And also some pictures from the Dodos show:

The Dodos

The Dodos

The Dodos

As always, more pics on the flickr set. Coming up in the next week: more photos from Northside, videos from Northside, an Andrew Bird show, and a possible URL change! Stay tuned.

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